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Arrivals - There is one complimentary greeting for guests arriving on St. John.  We will meet you at the ferry dock, bring you to pick up your reserved car where you will then circle back to the dock to pick up your guests and luggage.  We will then escort you to the home where you will be given a tour and orientation.  We do not transport guests to the home.  We are an escort only.  Therefore you should rent a vehicle(s) sufficiently large to carry your guests and luggage.  Additionally, St. John has numerous hills and we highly recommend that you rent a vehicle with 4-wheel drive. If you arrive later than 9:00 pm on St. John there is a charge of $50 for your arrival.

Cancellation Policy - We require a payment of 50% of the amount of the rental fees within 7 days of making the reservation.  Failure to make this payment will result in an automatic cancellation.  Following the 50% down payment, the balance of the rental fees , including 12.5% Virgin Islands tax and $500 security deposit, is due 60 days prior to arrival.  Once we have received your deposit, if you cancel/change your reservation more than 120 days prior to arrival, there is a penalty of 25% of the total rental fees.  If you cancel/change your reservation 61-120 days prior to arrival, there is a penalty of 50% of the total rental fees.  If you cancel/change your reservation within 60 days of arrival, there is a 100% penalty of the total rental fees.  Guests may wish to purchase trip cancellation insurance. No-shows, late arrivals, a reduction in the number of persons in your group and early departures after your arrival are non-refundable.  

Capacity of Home - The total number of guests permitted in the home at any time is restricted to the number of guests who have scheduled and paid.  If a group is misrepresented, they must pay for the extra persons immediately or vacate the home immediately without a refund.


Check in/Check out - Check in time is 3 pm and check out time is before 10 am.  This is necessary prepare the home for incoming guests.  Prior to checking out, the home should be left in "broom clean" condition.


Construction Noise - Although the home is located on the "quiet" and less populated side of St. John, there may be occasional construction noise, typically between 7 am and 3 pm.

Conservation - We ask all guests to consider conservation measures when practical during their stay.  Conservation of water and electricity is a way of life on St. John. Water, as you probably know, is collected in cisterns and filtered before use.  Using conservation measures such as not running the water while brushing teeth or shaving and taking showers of a reasonable length are all appreciated.  Similarly, the cost of electricity on St. John is several times the rates incurred in the mainland US.   The air conditioning in the home will not be turned on when you check into the property.  At check in we will show you how to turn the systems on and off.  We request that you turn the air conditioning off in all rooms when not in the home and always have windows fully closed when the air conditioning is turned on.  It takes very little time to cool the room down when you return.   We understand that this is your vacation and you are paying a considerable fee to rent the home and we want you to have an enjoyable time.  We appreciate anything you are willing to do to help conserve water and electricity. 

Complaints and Maintenance - We strive to ensure that the home is in excellent condition and we will attempt to make your stay as comfortable and trouble free as possible.  In the event of a housekeeping or maintenance issue, we will respond as promptly as possible.  We can not be responsible for failures of non-essential or luxury items, including but not limited to, washer, dryer, television, air conditioning and dishwasher or any other appliance that may fail to operate properly during your stay.  No refunds will be offered for minor disruptions of any utilities or appliance, including, but not limited to, power outages, telephone or internet service or pool system.  Please note that it often takes longer to repair items or resolve issues in the islands and this is generally out of our control.

Damages - You are responsible for any accidental damage incurred during your stay.  We collect a security deposit of $500 but this does not limit the amount you may owe if there are damages in excess of $500.  If there is no damage, or damages are less than $500, you will be refunded the balance. 

Drugs and Hazardous Materials - No illegal substances are permitted on the property.

Furnishings/Linens and Supplies - The home is rented fully furnished, including an ample supply of bed linens and towels for the use of guests.  Rearranging of furniture or removing any items from the home is prohibited.  The home is also equipped with beach chairs, beach towels and coolers.  There will be beginning supplies only of toilet paper, paper towels, soaps, detergent and trash bags.  It is your responsibility to restock these once these supplies have been depleted.

Garbage Removal and Recycling - Guests are responsible for removing all trash to the appropriate containers located throughout the island.  It is a good idea to do this daily. A $50 fee will be charged if any trash is left behind upon your departure from the villa.

Guest Responsibilities - Guests should notify the owners of any problems encountered during their stay.  If requested, minor problems can be addressed after guests depart for the day to minimize guest inconvenience.


Hurricane - Hurricane season in the Caribbean is from June 1 - November 30. We highly recommend that you purchase travel/trip cancellation insurance to cover expenses incurred.  If you are in the home and a hurricane is threatening, you will need to make every effort to fly out of St. Thomas before the storm arrives.  We will not allow guests to stay in the home during a hurricane.  If you must depart the island early as a result of a hurricane that is threatening St. John, we will hold your deposit for a future stay in the home. If a hurricane is not a threat to St. John, however, and you are unable to travel due to canceled flights, you will forfeit your deposit.


Insects/Bugs - You are in the tropics so flying and crawling insects (and occasional) rodents are not uncommon.  Please be careful about leaving unopened food around.  We are not liable for any personal injuries from insects or bugs sustained by renters or visitors regardless of how such injuries may occur.


Internet/Telephone - The home is equipped with high speed internet and WiFi as a convenience to guests.  There are occasional interruptions in service that are beyond our control.  The home is also equipped with a landline telephone that is available for local calls only.  Cellular phone service is reasonably good at the home but you may also incur service interruptions from the cellular phone companies as well. Any long distance call charges made during guest's stay are the guest's responsibility to pay and will be charged upon owner's receipt of telephone bill within 30 days after checkout, whichever comes first.


Keys - A $75 fee will be charged for any lost key.


Liability - Guests assume full responsibility for all activities and conduct while staying at the property (including use of watercraft), including all actions of guests and invitees or family members.  Guests hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless homeowners from all claims, damages, lawsuits or injuries occuring upon the rented property, regardless of how such injuries may occur including all legal fees associated with such. Guests are responsible for the home during their rental occupancy.  You must exercise care in protecting the villa against rain (i.e., closing windows and doors) when not on the premises.


Housekeeping/Maid Service - The home is cleaned thoroughly before your arrival.  Additional maid service may be available for additional charges.  This should be arranged and paid prior to your arrival.


Owner's Rooms - We may keep personal items in locked areas or closets.  Please do not tamper with these areas.

Personal Effects - We maintain no responsibility for guests' personal effects that are left behind, forgotten, stolen or lost.  If we retrieve any located items, a $25 retrieval fee shall be charged along with any out of pocket mailing expenses.  One programmable small safe is on the premises to secure items.


Pets - We will consider allowing a small pet.  This will need to be arranged at the time of the booking and there will be an additional charge.  Any pet that is brought to the home without prearrangement will result in a charge of $100 and immediate removal of the pet and/or eviction of the guests.


Service and Repairs - We reserve the right to enter the home, or have repair personnel enter the home, when the property or systems are in need of repair.  We will attempt to minimize guest inconvenience.


Smoking - Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the property.  If this policy is violated and smoking is detected, a $400 penalty will be charged. 

Tax - 12.5% Virgin Islands tax will be added to the rental charge. It will be collected with the second/final installment payment.


Television - The home is serviced by a DISH Network satellite system an a wide variety of channels, including premium movie channels, is available.  Rarely, but on occasion, there are problems beyond our control and these can take 1-2 weeks to repair. If guest chooses to rent "Pay Per View" content, it will be guest's responsibility to pay for the charges incurred. These charges will be billed to guest within 30 days after check-out.

Watersports Equipment - bookings will not include the use of the owners' stand up paddleboard and kayaks, but we can recommend local rental businesses.

For questions about our policies, please contact

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